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Best Way To Eat For My Body

I get this question by almost every client I meet, “What should I eat for my body?”. It’s a complicated question because every single body is different. It is wild to think that no two people are 100% identical. When it comes to fueling your specific body, you need to take into consideration a number of things:

1. Age

2. Gender

3. Weight

4. Goals

5. Physical activity

6. DNA and family history

7. Injuries and / or pre-existing conditions

8. Sign and symptoms

9. Medications / supplements

10. Stressors

Just to name a few :).

When I talk to clients for the first time, we review a lot of this information and more. I try to fully understand who they are on multiple levels: physical, emotional, spiritual, etc. Even though there is only ONE us, my very first recommendation to 99% of my clients is to “eat whole foods.” This is the start to it all. The raw, whole food has more benefits than we can even begin to imagine. Research has shown us a lot about the synergistic effects of foods but we are just scratching the surface.

When recommending whole foods, I start at the basics with eating the simplest form of that food. For example, consuming oatmeal instead of Cherrios. Whole milk instead of skim milk (whether that is from cow’s milk or a milk alternative). Strawberries versus strawberry jam. Chickpeas versus chickpea pasta. Now there are individuals that need to remove certain whole foods from their diet, and I work with these clients on finding alternatives. Again, the bio-individuality of the person is super important.

So if you are curious about what you should be eating to fuel your body, I recommend replacing your packaged / processed foods with nutrient dense whole foods.

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