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Maggie King

Maggie's Story

Maggie King is a licensed nutritionist through the state of Maryland and North Carolina and a nationally accredited Certified Nutrition Specialist through the BCNS.  Maggie completed her Master's of Science in Nutrition & Integrative Health along with her clinical rotations with Maryland University of Integrative Health gaining experience in areas of, but not limited to, diabetes, obesity, autoimmune conditions, cardiovascular conditions, weight loss / maintenance. Since graduating, Maggie has focused on diabetes, weight loss / maintenance, family nutrition, and gut health. Her love for food extends beyond the counseling room and into the kitchen! She has experience in teaching cooking classes to various populations and creating meals for the following demographics:

-       Clients with allergies / food sensitivities

-       Age specific (elderly, children, entire families)

-       Preconception / Pregnancy / Postnatal

-       Sport Performance

-       Clients of various cultural demographics

-       Clients of various financial demographics

​Outside of her love for nutrition, Maggie enjoys all things outside: hiking, paddle boarding, running, biking, etc., teaching fitness classes and spending all of her free time with her daughter, son and husband (preferably on the beach). 

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