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Clean Swaps

When it comes to food, it is important to understand nutrition labels in order to purchase the cleanest, healthiest versions. Here are some clean swaps to make on the most common purchases:


Conventional → Grass-fed (Maple Hill; Organic Valley)

Milk Alternatives

Oatly / Blue Diamond → Elmhurst, Malk


White or whole wheat → Sourdough bread, Ezekiel, Dave’s Killer Whole Grain

Gluten-free Bread

Udi’s, Canyon Bakery → Young Kobras, Food For Life – Sprouted Flax

Protein Powders

Orgain, Equate, Pure Protein → SunWarrior, Garden of life, Manitoba Harvest, NAKED

Nut Butters

Jiffy, Justin’s → Maranatha, Greenwise, Teddie


Plastic bottle → Mountain Valley Spring Water, Box water


Canola EVOO (California),

Vegetable → Coconut (Spectrum, Nutiva)

Grapeseed Avocado (Chosen)

Butter (Kerry gold) or Ghee (4th & Heart)


Flavored or any extras Plain Greek yogurt (preferably organic)

Activia, Dannon → Siggis, Maple Hill, Stonyfield

Plant-based Yogurt

Kite Hill, So Delicious → Cocoyo, CocoJune, Lava, Siggis (okay option)


Barilla, Muellers → Bionature

Gluten-free Pasta

Barilla, Banza → Jovial, Tolerant


Flour, corn → Cassava (Siete)


Hellman’s, Duke → Avocado Mayo (Primal)


Heinz, Hunts → Primal, Good

Soy Sauce

Kikkoman → Coconut Aminos

Coffee Creamers

Coffee Mate Grassfed half / half (organic valley)

International Delight → LAIRD superfood unsweet


Quest, Luna, ONE → Thunderbird, Bearded Bros, Ohi, Patter Bar

Kid Snacks

Chips Wholly Guacamole with carrot sticks

Pirate booty → Lesser Evil popcorn or veggie sticks

Fruit rolls ups Bear fruit rolls, That’s It bars

Want more information? Or want to chat? Contact me!!

Maggie King MS, CNS, LN

RAW Functional Nutrition

‪(910) 541-3540

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